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Optimum Detox™


Why Detoxify The Body?

⚠️ 75,000 synthetic chemicals are produced in the United States each year.

⚠️ Over 3,000 chemicals are added to the food supply.

⚠️ More than 10,000 chemical solvents, emulsifiers and preservatives are used in food processing.

Optimum Detox™

Enjoy The Amazing Benefits!


What is an Ionic Detox?

Ionization is a familiar process. However, the concept of using ionization in a foot bath, such as the Optimum Detox™, is a relatively new idea. In nature, ions are generated by the movement of water molecules. Think of how good you feel while walking along a beach or near a waterfall. We are creating the same reaction with the Optimum Detox™ process, only magnified many times over.


"I've been using this for a few weeks only. My feet don't hurt nearly as bad as they used to, and my legs feel lighter too. It's truly an amazing process."

Ruth B.

"I love this, I have used this many times already. The first session alone detoxed me enough to help me think clearer, sleep better, and just feel better overall. This system is top of the line and the price is fantastic! I think it is actually helping me lose weight too. I am really glad I bought it."

Alexa T.

"I love it! I felt amazing from the very first time I used this and never stopped after that. I use this at least twice a week now, and it is safe to say that it has made a major difference in my life. Anyone can benefit from this detox!"

Elizabeth G.

"The feeling after each session is really hard to describe. It's a mixture of peace, relaxation, and clarity."

Una B.

"I got this professionally done a couple weeks ago and wanted to invest in this myself. This unit works really well. Great deal, particularly for the price and fast shipping."

Julia B.


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The claims in our description are based on hundreds of customer reviews on our website and thousands of reviews across the internet. Our product is not meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. It is proven that the ionic foot bath alkalizes the blood, and alkalization itself brings feelings of wellbeing and other benefits thousands of customers have shared in their experience.

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